Heather Price Counselling and Psychotherapy

Heather Price 
Counselling and Psychotherapy

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About me


Building on my background in classical music, I attained a

Bachelor degree in Music Therapy in 1995. I worked in private

practice with autistic children for a number of years and also

during that time received further training as an intuitive healer.

I later went back to school and in 2008 received my Master’s

Degree in Counselling, with a specialization in Counselling



I am certified through the Canadian Counselling and

Psychotherapy Association and accredited through the Canadian

Association for Music Therapy. In addition, I am certified as a

crisis worker through the American Association of Suicidology.


Based on my belief that the client is his or her own best

resource, I work from a client strength-based health perspective

and enjoy bringing together my professional and intuitive

training to facilitate healing and personal growth in children,

youth, and adults.