Heather Price Counselling and Psychotherapy

Heather Price 
Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Who can benefit?

I offer short-term counselling or longer term therapy for anyone

who is:

• depressed, feeling overwhelmed, or suicidal;

• suffering from anxiety or fears;

• feeling stressed;

• struggling with low self-esteem;

• experiencing grief and/or struggling with loss;

• acutely or chronically angry;

• needing support for relationship issues;

• seeking a deeper connection to self and/or others;

• wanting a better quality of life.


Whatever the issue or modality used, I provide a safe,

confidential, and compassionate environment and work within a

holistic framework through which clients can gain increased self-

awareness, understanding, and self-acceptance, develop new

and more adaptive ways of being, and attain a healthier balance

and greater satisfaction in life.